Are you friendly and personable? Do you enjoy helping others? Do you want a career that will make a difference in the lives of others? NCU offers doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in business and technology management, education, and psychology, as well as doctoral and master’s degrees in marriage and family therapy. Our Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs emphasize a fast and focused method without sacrificing the quality education that students and employers demand. Dorsey Schools are postsecondary institutions that provide short term comprehensive training to prepare students for promising career opportunities in fields such as cosmetology, culinary arts, healthcare and skilled trades.

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Get Schooled

Why America’s campuses are going gray

  Dorms are filling up, classes are starting, and Frisbees are flying above quads at colleges and universities across the country. But these familiar seasonal patterns don’t reflect how a growing number of students are starting the year. More and more older Americans are heading back to school, often part time or in the evenings, [...]

Major Mismatching

A majority of undergrad students are either “under” or “over” matching when they enroll in college

The Roomate Rulebook

Ten tips to make sure you and your roommate keep things pleasant

The History of Lessons

America is shifting from a national, analog, industrial economy to a global, digital, information economy

Career Central

5 Interesting Jobs for Library Science Majors

For some reason, there seems to be a negative stigma around library science majors. Forbes went as far as to say library and information science are the worst master’s degrees for acquiring a high paying job.  While it’s true that librarians aren’t exactly stocking the financial shelves, with an average salary of $55,370 per year in the U.S., there are [...]

Be In-Demand

Eleven hot majors you might want to explore

Got Skills?

Anyone can take a course in C++, but it’s not going to land you the job

What Career Suits You?

Sometimes employers use career tests to help place employees in positions they would tend to excel in.

Money Matters

College Student Discounts Can Save Money For Shoppers With School IDs

That plastic college ID card is worth more than you think. Flashing the card at stores and restaurants can get you major savings. But many of the deals are not advertised, so it never hurts to ask. Clothing seller Banana Republic and electronics chain RadioShack Corp., for example, offer discounts to college students year round. [...]

Grad School Finance

Strategies for coping with the difficulties of financial management during grad school

Auxilary Spending in the World of EDU

Why is college tuition so high?

Grant Money for College

The best money is free money, especially when it comes to paying for a college education.

Hot Topics

Stay “in” the Loop

The best seemingly counterintuitive secrets of Linkedin.

Art, for Public’s Sake

Public works of art aim to enrich the community by evoking meaning and purpose in the public setting.

A Little Bird Told Me…

A college librarian’s take on technology

Need a Hand? Or Three?

will we ever discover the secret to re-generation?

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Arizona Automotive Institute

At AAI, we believe that skilled technicians are the backbone of the American economy. From building this country’s infrastructure to providing the maintenance that keeps America’s machines and vehicles on the move, skilled technicians are in high demand.

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South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

With more than 40 years of experience as a trade school, South Texas Vocational Technical Institute, STVT as we are commonly known, has provided Texas students with career-focused education that’s designed to help them prepare for new careers in some of today’s most desired fields.

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Platt College

Platt College has been providing education and career training in Oklahoma for over 30 years. Our focus is on helping individuals gain the knowledge and skill they need to qualify for the careers they want.

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