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5 Interesting Jobs for Library Science Majors

library science majors

For some reason, there seems to be a negative stigma around library science majors. Forbes went as far as to say library and information science are the worst master’s degrees for acquiring a high paying job.  While it’s true that librarians aren’t exactly stocking the financial shelves, with an average salary of $55,370 per year in the U.S., there are many unorthodox careers to be had that utilize a higher education degree in library science. We will outline a few of them here, in case you’re tired of playing it by the book (pun intended).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Librarian
If organizing books is too mainstream, a position as a GIS librarian might just rock your world.  If you have a passion for geography or cartography, this is the perfect career for you. As a GIS librarian, you will deal with the acquisition and curation of maps and geographic information resources.

Metadata Analyst
Who better to analyze and utilize information than someone trained in finding and organizing it? Metadata analysts can be employed in a variety of industries including banking, technology and education. If you have a knack for organization and are comfortable in a digital environment for tagging and cataloging, then this particular position might be a good fit.

Wine Librarian
Looking to get back to your literal roots? Wine librarians responsibilities include managing information on vineyards, fermentation, vintages and other pertinent information wine lovers might desire.

Business Researcher
There is a ton of information and forecasting that goes into starting, or expanding, a business. Before the door opens, there are projections to make, markets to research and information to gather. Researchers collect, organize, and present market data to help businesses make informed decisions.

Special Collections Librarian
While it is certainly an interesting job, the title here leaves little to the imagination. As the name suggests, these librarians are tasked with assembling and caring for special collections. These collections can include rare and valuable books, historical documents, pictures, or recorded audio. If you have a propensity for history, this might be a good opportunity for you.

These are just a few of the many opportunities available to individuals with advanced degrees in library science. A position once viewed as technologically deficient is stepping into the 21st century and with this shift comes enormous opportunity. While you still might not earn as much as a doctor or a business and finance major, there are still interesting and profitable careers to be had in the industry. So why get your degree in library science?  If you have a passion for knowledge, information, history or even wine, don’t be scared by the negative stigma surrounding this field of study. Information drives companies, history shapes the future and knowledge really is power. There is any number of options available in this field. Only you can decide if one of them is right for you.

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-Article by Kirk Kerr

Kirk Kerr
is a recent alumnus of the College of Idaho and a lifelong learner and lover of education. When he’s not pushing his nose into a great fiction novel, he is developing his skills as a freelance writer and marketer. 

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