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Best Bachelor’s Degrees 2012

This is the best time to change careers or get farther in your current career. So what’s the best choice for a baccalaureate degree in 2012? U.S. News & World Report is constantly coming up with new ways to measure college Education, including a listing of the top five careers for 2012. According to U.S. News, accountants, registered nurses, computer systems analysts, social workers, and dental hygienists will experience the most job growth in 2012. The bachelor’s degrees for these professions range from business to information technology. Thankfully, these degrees can lead you to a variety of specializations, which is becoming the best way to get a job in the current economy.

Accountants study bookkeeping and finance, the principals of managing money. To work as a public accountant, you have to be certified. You also have to pass the bar examination. Most aspiring accountants get a degree in accounting to start with, then gain job experience and work with public accountants, before taking the exam. You do need to have two years of work in management Accounting and passing the exam, which enables a student to become a certified management accountant. In many cases, you will work under a certified account. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the growth for accountants is expected to rise exponentially through to 2018. In addition, accountants enjoy one of the best salaries with six figures, around $100,000 per year to start on average.

Registered nurses have always been in high demand. They also need to have specific education. A common path to enter the Nursing field starts with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. In some cases, you only need an associate’s degree. However, LPNs need a Bachelor of Science degree. Registered nurses are in extreme high demand all over the country. In addition, registered nurses can work in pretty much any area of the country. The median salary for a nurse is about $63,000. However, a higher degree significantly raises your experience level and knowledge, which can gain you a better position and put you in a better place for earning potential.

Computer information and technology companies need well-informed and trained individuals to work on software, programming, applications and networks. Computer systems analysts with advanced and specialized knowledge will earn the most. Most employers will require a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science, information science and other information technology areas. Businesses may also appreciate degrees in management information systems. A combination of both of these degrees will put an individual above the rest and give them more training to handle the work. Salaries are high for these individuals, up to six figures with an estimated $100,000 yearly. There is expected new job growth for these individuals through to 2018.

Social workers have a pretty tough job, but that means there is a shortage of these workers. The average salary is about $46,000 a year, but with proper education and experience, you can earn up to $71,000 or more annually. A bachelor’s degree in social work is the only requirement for an entry-level social worker. You may also need a master’s degree if you plan on working in a hospital setting.

Dental hygienists clean teeth that much is certain, but they also make a seriously decent living. With a handful of duties, a Medical environment and more than 62,000 positions to fill, it’s one of the most desired positions in today’s economy. An accredited Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene may be required, but an associate’s degree is also decent enough to get started in most areas. You have to pass written and clinical exams in order to get licensed and start practicing. Dental hygienists make about $37 per hour with schedules that are normally left entirely to their own discretion. That could mean a huge pay check for someone who is passionate about dental health.

Whether you want to work in the medical industry or Business field, there are multiple career opportunities for you in 2012. Clearly, computers are still a major seller and will continue to enjoy job growth as there are new systems and technology being developed every year. You can maximize your potential by learning more about these fields and seeing if you belong in the top careers for the this year.
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