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E-Learning Standards

Author: Nisha

The utility of any teaching material is inappropriate unless it does not qualify certain norms and standards. E-learning standards can be described as certain parameters that make e-learning course apt and useful for its user.

There should be guidelines that help in the assessment of an e- learning course being good or bad. The e-learning course should start with a proper introduction. Its introduction should contain an overview of all the contents provided in the article. A good e-course gives an opportunity to its user to interact with instructor.

The e –learning course should have information like number and title of course, instructors name and email address, course commencing date, course format and an illustration to use navigational aids.

Material of the course should be attractive and graphically, appealing. The links should provide access to other sections and pages of the tutorial. The content part of the site should have ample images to explain substance in the tutorial. Different learning activities like group discussions, research and such classroom activities should be a part of e –leaning course.

The content should be logical and aided with navigational tools so the student could move through various parts of tutorial easily.

For a proper discussion on any topic, e-mails can be circulated among students.Chat sessions are another alternative for developing communication among fellow students. The other benefit students have that they can attend classes at different time schedule suiting them. The use of animation, video clips, sound should be employed as they make content more interesting.

The page should be made reasonably short so they can be loaded easily and quickly. The size of graphic images should be short in both graphical and file size. Scanned photos can often be cropped to eliminate unimportant backgrounds and peripheral elements. GIF format is preferred over JPG format. Page banners should be kept simple and shallow. When a number of link buttons is given, often a single image with hotspots is best. Animations must be kept very small. Video clips should be linked rather than embedded.
Last but not the least, e-learning course should be tested before launching it in the market.

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