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Health Care is Hot

Everyone knows that the health industry has career options that provide exceptional pay and superb stability. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the health care field is the largest industry in the United States today—employing over 13 million wage and salary workers in 2004. Of the twenty fastest growing occupations today, eight of them are in health care. It is anticipated that 20% of the new jobs created between now and 2014 will be in the health care industry—and most of these jobs require four years or less of college.

Here are some hot careers in the health industry that you’ll want to consider:

1. Dental Assisting – Some dental assistants only work 30 hours per week. This career offers great benefits and flexible hours—perfect for adults with family commitments. It’s also ideal for friendly individuals who want to turn an otherwise anxiety-provoking situation into a positive experience.

2. Information Management – Information managers are experts in collecting, moderating and analyzing health data that doctors, nurses and other health-care providers rely on to perform their jobs. These professionals design and manage health information systems to ensure they meet medical, legal and ethical standards.

3. Health Care Administrator – Health care administrators are the backbone of the industry. The admin team keeps daily operations running smoothly and are true management professionals.

4. Medical Assistants and Nurses – Medical assistants and nurses work alongside with the doctor, and are known for providing compassionate patient care. If you are longing to be in on the front lines of the medical world, an assistant career or nursing career is probably ideal for you.

5. Massage Therapy – Get in as a massage therapist and you can practice in a variety of different environments—and even practice solo. You’ll enjoy a short study time and a variety of clients. As more people realize massage is not just for relaxation, but also promotes optimal health, the need for this service will increase.

6. Medical Transcriptionists – Insurance companies are always revising their billing structures, and that’s where transcriptionists come into play. These professionals transcribe recorded medical reports and enter data electronically. They also edit information for grammar and proper medical terms used in a patient’s medical records. They also need to be aware of the legal standards and requirements that apply to health records.

7. Billing and Coding – Medical billing and coding specialists can work from home, setting their own hours with home-based businesses. Even if they’re in an office or facility, these flexible positions require shorter training time and good prospects.

8. Medical Imaging – Ultrasound and radiologic technologists are critical in helping to diagnose patients. Imaging professionals do not solely take pictures—they help to interpret these findings, which can mean everything to a patient.

9. Pharmacy Techs – These jobs are plentiful and on the up and up as more people rely on pharmaceuticals. Retailers are expanding their pharmaceutical services, and scientific advancements are keeping this field super hot. Plus, you can work not only at a pharmacy, but for a wholesaler, or at a hospital.

10. Occupational Therapists – This field is similar to physical therapy (an ever-growing career prospect). But OT’s are different in that they help developmentally, mentally, emotionally and physically disabled people improve their ability to live an independent and fulfilling lifestyle by teaching them daily living and work skills.

Obviously health careers are vital, which is why the demand for them is so high. That’s great for people who want to enter this industry, as job prospects will continue to rise.


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