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Prepare for Difficult Interview Questions

First impressions can last a lifetime.  In most instances, an interview is the first in person impression a company will gain of you.  It is a chance for an organization to measure how an applicant could meld into the company and into the position. Whether you’re a pre-MBA applicant, a current business student, or an established professional, it is important that you are able to give an encouraging and successful interview to receive a job offer.


Going into an interview you will need to be prepared.  Research the company and position you are applying for.  You should know the qualifications of the job and how your past experiences prepare you for these expectations.  Also, look into the culture of the company and assess how your personality and work ethic would complement the current structure.  Interviewers have a habit of asking, “Do you have any questions?” at the end of an interview.  You should have questions prepared for the interviewer.  Think of what you would like to know about the job or the company. Finally, be sure to print and prepare several copies of your resume and examples of past successful projects or work samples.


At the interview it is better to be over dressed than under dressed.  Also, be confident in your body language and voice.  Research shows that 80 percent of communication is understood through body language, including tone, eye contact, posture and animation.  During the interview try to keep your tone even but upbeat and engaged.  Overall, your body language should be a balance between professionalism and optimism.  Finally, present your resume and work samples at the beginning of the interview to give the interviewers references to your work.

STAR Method

The STAR Method is an acronym highlighting how to answer difficult interview questions. STAR equates to situation, task, action and result.  This method is a way to show examples in the form of personal experiences and situations.  An applicant can say that they have problem solving skills, but using STAR helps to show the skill. When a question is asked, first think which skills or traits you would like to present in the answer.    Then think of a situation in which you have used those skills.  In your answer, you will need to briefly explain the situation, what you had to do, the action you took and finally the result of the original situation.

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