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Use of Technology in Education

The integration of learning technologies into education is being promoted and supported around the world. Education has taken a significant overhauling with technological advances like Visual learning, Online learning, Structured Content (e.g. CBSE, ICSE, High School etc.), Online assessment & Distance education being widely used in effective teaching and mentoring. The use of technology in education empowers both the Teachers & Students.

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What is Assistive Technology?

Here are some things which may be able to help you understand what is Assistive Technology.

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Financial Aid Application

About your financial aid application.

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E-Learning Standards

The utility of any teaching material is inappropriate unless it does not qualify certain norms and standards. E-learning standards can be described as certain parameters that make e-learning course apt and useful for its user. There should be guidelines that help in the assessment of an e- learning course being good or bad

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Improving Adult Literacy

Education is as important to adults as it is to children yet workplace education to improve adult literacy has not received enough attention.

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Law Enforcement

There are many different types of law enforcement careers, many of which lead to criminal justice jobs with other agencies such as the CIA or FBI. Careers in law enforcement aren’t limited to police officers. These careers include a chief of police, parole officer, sheriff, police sergeant and much more. The careers in law enforcement [...]

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Medical Assistant

The U.S. Department of Labor lists health care as one of the fastest-growing industries in our country. Take part in this boom by completing a medical assistant program in two years or less. As a medical assistant, you’ll handle office tasks, take patient medical histories…you might even perform basic laboratory tests. Quick education: You can [...]

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