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What It Takes to Be a CEO

Join Wendy Hoenig, President & CEO, H&H Business Development, LLC in this video presentation as she discusses what it takes to be a CEO. As a senior executive with 26 years of experience in new business development in Fortune 100 corporations, Wendy has the vision and understanding on what it takes to develop the unique skills that are necessary to become a successful CEO.

Her vision for the future, and her knowledge of how to pick the right people with the right skill set has been proven in her work with entrepreneurial startups, business and technology assessments. While her record of new business development speaks for itself, we encourage you to listen as Wendy gives you her take on the following topics:

• What made her realize she wanted to be a CEO
• Keys to being a CEO
• Critical skills a CEO must encompass
• Difficulties as a CEO
• Advice for future CEOs

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