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What is Assistive Technology?

Author: Sigrid

What is assistive technology? If you are looking for more information about assistive technology, here are some things which may be able to help you.

Assistive technology actually refers to a very broad scope of technology which includes all the gadgets and devices that are being used to help people with disabilities to live a more comfortable life.

Some of the examples of assistive technology are different kinds of wheelchairs including motorized wheelchairs. Another is the Braille system for people who do not have eyesight.

In other words, technology has helped these people to be more comfortable and somehow have hope in this world. Technology plays an important role so that people with disabilities will be able to live happy and convenient lives.

As a matter of fact, every year there are products that are being developed just for the sake of people with disabilities but most people especially those who are not disabled are just taking this for granted.

One of the most popular assistive technology gadgets and devices that we have today are the different input and output devices in a computer for a person with a certain disability. As an example, the text-to-speech function of a computer helps those people who are having difficulty reading what is being shown on the computer monitor.

As for the persons who are having difficulty entering on a typical keyboard, there are keyboards that are specifically designed to fit the condition of a certain person with disability. They may also use stick and wands in pressing the keys on a keyboard.

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